Dubbo Blocked Drain Experts


At GPS Plumbing, Drainage & Gasfitting in Dubbo, we know few things in life cause more annoyance than a clogged drain. Whether your little one threw something he shouldn’t have into the toilet, or you have no idea of where the clog came from, we are pros at fishing out blockages and making them go away. We not only have years of experience in plumbing (more than 25 years), but also employ the use of the latest technology to ensure that we find every clog and manage to get it out of the way so that your pipes can run smoothly again.

How do you find the clogs?

In some cases, it’s relatively easy to figure out where a clog is coming from. When we can’t, we have cameras that allow us to see directly into the pipes themselves, so we can get a glimpse of the clog up close and personal. This also helps us to pinpoint exactly where it is located so we can take care of it.

How are clogs removed?

This is a question that might have many potential answers. In some situations, something as easy as a liquid de-clogger will get your clogged drain moving again. Or even a good old-fashioned plunger or snake. But in some cases, heavier duty artillery is needed. When necessary, we have sewer jetters to help remove clogs quickly and effectively.

Will this damage my pipes?

No! We use only tools and equipment that are approved for use with any of the most commonly used plumbing pipes, so you can be sure we’ll get things under control without damage to your home. Have a clog that’s bugging you? Give us a call and we’ll help you take care of it – fast! We’re absolute experts when it comes to finding and removing even the most stubborn clogs!