Blocked Drains DUBBO


Blocked Drains Dubbo
At GPS Plumbing, Drainage & Gasfitting in Dubbo, we know few things in life cause more annoyance than a blocked drain.

Whether your little one threw something he shouldn’t have into the toilet, or you have no idea of where the blockage came from, we are the pros at fishing out blockages and making them go away. We not only have years of experience in plumbing (more than 25 years), but also employ the use of the latest technology to ensure that we find every clog and manage to get it out of the way so that your drain pipes can run smoothly again.

Common Signs of Drainage Problems

Your drainage system is an important part of the health of your home, and when it starts to fail, you may be at risk for serious health problems or damage to the property. Even minor issues which seem relatively small can be very serious in the long term, and you need to act quickly to avoid potential escalation.

Slow Draining

Many homeowners have suffered issues with their drains running slowly. Usually, a pan of boiling water poured down the plug hole can solve the issue, but if you are still experiencing issues, then you may need to find an alternative solution, including calling an experienced and professional plumber to find better solution.

Bad Smells

If you find that you get bad smells whenever water goes into the drain, or your bathroom is emitting an unpleasant odour, you probably need help in repairing your drain. It often means that waste is not being carried out off the drain into the septic tank, causing gases to build up.


If your drains are leaking, producing wet stains in the house or pooling water in the garden, then there is likely to be an issue with the seal of your drain. For example, there may be a split in the sewer line, or in the drainage pipes.

Basement or Groundwater Floods

If you are experiencing issues with your drains around the area of your septic tank, then it is possible that sewage is backing up inside the tank. In order to explain exactly what is happening here, a professional will have to investigate your septic tank directly.

Unexplained Increases in The Water Bill

If you have discovered that your water bill has increased dramatically in price without an increase in charges from your water supplier, then this may suggest a regular leak that is happening in your water system. You need experts in plumbing to investigate this issue.

When you need assistance with problem sewage systems or blocked drains in Dubbo, you need to call on the GPS Plumbing team. We can help you clear your drains quickly, and solve leaking pipe work, so contact us now online, or call us today.

How do you find the BLOCKAGES?

In some cases, it’s relatively easy to figure out where a clog is coming from. When we can’t, we have cameras that allow us to see directly into the pipes themselves, so we can get a glimpse of the clog up close and personal. This also helps us to pinpoint exactly where it is located so we can take care of it.

How IS A Blockage removed?

This is a question that might have many potential answers. In some situations, something as easy as a liquid de-clogger will get your blocked drain moving again. Or even a good old-fashioned plunger or snake. But in some cases, heavier duty artillery is needed. When necessary, we have sewer jetters to help remove clogs quickly and effectively.

Will this damage my pipes?

No! We use only tools and equipment that are approved for use with any of the most commonly used drain pipes, so you can be sure we’ll get things under control without damage to your home. Have a clog that’s bugging you? Give us a call and we’ll help you take care of it – fast! We’re absolute experts when it comes to finding and removing even the most stubborn clogs!

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