Bathroom Renovations DUBBO


Bathroom Renovations Dubbo
If your bathroom is receiving a total overhaul, then contact Dubbo's GPS Plumbing, Drainage & Gasfitting. What good are a pretty new tub and sink and shiny flooring if the pipes underneath are nearly shot? There are many benefits to not only replacing bathroom fixtures such as sinks and toilets but to also replacing any worn-out pipes underneath.

Our professional plumbers will be happy to stop by and inspect your current pipes to ensure they’re in good working order before you finish installing that pretty new bathroom. We have vast experience in helping with bathroom renovations, and we’ll ensure that every aspect we touch is installed to the highest quality standards.

What should be replaced during bathroom renovations?

Aside from the parts that are purely aesthetic, you should at the very least have your pipes and fixtures inspected and tested. Not only can underlying leaky pipes be a major mould risk, but they’re also a money waster. Imagine how much money you spend paying for running water due to a dripping pipe! Old pipes should also be replaced if they show any signs of wear and tear. Fixtures are another area you should think about investing some money in. While getting a new toilet might not matter as much with the aesthetic you have in mind, an older one can use lots more water than new, efficient models. It’s well worth the one-time investment for the continuous savings later.

How can you help with my bathroom renovations?

We can come and inspect any pipes for underlying damage, pinpoint which ones, if any, need to be replaced and complete the project for you. Additionally, we can check over any bathroom fixtures and make recommendations for plumbing upgrades that will either save you money or provide greater safety over time. Ready to let us be a part of your bathroom renovation? Contact us today!

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