The answer to that question is obviously someone or a firm of plumbers in Dubbo that takes their job seriously. Reliability is the first thing you need, someone who is actually going to turn up and attend to whatever plumbing issue you have. You don’t want someone vague that will tell you they might be able to get around to it sometime this afternoon or maybe tomorrow!

So, the first hurdle is to get someone serious to come around and take a look at your problem. Only then can you get down to tackling the real issue, your plumbing problem! Here at GPS Plumbing, Drainage & Gasfitting, we are a bit gung-ho in that respect and can assure you of our immediate attention. We have even won awards for the level of our service! Apart from the right attitude, there are a few other things you would wish for in a plumber.

  • If you actually find some plumbers to arrive at the appointed time, you need one that has experience. A firm that has all round experience of all types of plumbing problems, whether it is the installation of a whole system, repair to your piping system, or experience with blockages. Unfortunately, some problems have a knock-on effect and once the solution to one problem is found, another may crop up.

  • If you have a gas-fuelled system it is imperative that only qualified and licensed plumbers work on your system. There are different levels and fields of gas fitting. Once qualified, plumbers have to take extra training and more qualifications to be able to work safely on gas appliances, repairs, and installations. Make sure that any plumber you hire has the right qualifications to work on the gas system that you need attending to.

  • You don’t want some bloke who rolls up on a bicycle with a little tool bag. What you need is an outfit that comes fully prepared with the right equipment to see to all the different aspects of plumbing. Such things as leak detection, testing, replacement parts etc. Also, if it’s a new build or renovation, they have to be able to work to your schedule.

First Class Service

We at GPS Plumbing, Drainage & Gasfitting can safely say that we tick all the boxes. So, the type of plumbers in Dubbo that you need are the ones that are willing to work, with a ‘can do’ attitude and a commitment to first class service. Need some plumbing work done? Don’t hesitate to call us or contact us through our message page.