Out of all the rooms in the house that homeowners like to take on as something of a DIY renovation project, it might be fair to say that the bathroom is the hardest and the one that poses the most potential challenges along the way. Here at GPS Plumbing, we have had to attend and fix a lot of tricky DIY situations over the years, and we have seen pretty much everything that can go wrong if left to your own devices! It is always best to enlist the services of professionals for most, but if you want to have a go for yourself first, then here are some of the best tips for renovating your bathroom from plumbers in Dubbo.

Stick To Your Budget

One of the worst things that you can do is set out on a bathroom renovation journey with no idea of what you want to spend, because those costs can really begin to escalate quickly! Decide on what you are willing to spend early on, and that will be able to guide you in all of the choices that you make from that point. Don’t get caught out by escalating prices!

Pick A Theme

More than any other room in the home, a bathroom really benefits from a strong theme. You don’t usually have much space to work with, so it is important to stick to a few key colours, and possibly a single style of furniture. Living rooms and bedrooms can get away with being somewhat eclectic and ‘mix and match’, but bathrooms look cleaner and lighter if there is a defined theme.

Think About Storage

You never realise how much storage you need in a bathroom until you renovate one. Make sure to include as many clever storage options as you can like under sink cupboards and floating shelves. Floating shelves in particular are a great idea because they provide storage surfaces without taking up valuable floor space.

Contact Our Bathroom Renovation Experts Today!

If you think that you are going to need to enlist the services of professional plumbers in Dubbo for your bathroom, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at GPS Plumbing. There will always be a team member on hand to answer any questions if you feel like you need to contact someone before making a big decision. We have all the expertise and experience to be able to help!

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